Deep in the Vistral Mountains the legend of Raglan lives on centuries after the famous liberator of many a nobles riches died. Somewhere in these mountain is hidden the remains of Raglans Retreat, and fate has transpired to send you to these valleys on a routine mission…with plenty of time to spare chasing legends.p. Thanks to all four of you who have expressed interest, I’m hoping we can pick up one or two more but hey-four is just fine. Just to recap what I have sent to each of you separately; We will start play on May 5 at 12:00 at Maqes Realm and play into the evening, no later than 8:00 but we can always wrap it up earlier. We will then pick it up on May 12 at 12:00 for another six hours or so then, if it works for everyone, we can BBQ up some goods on the deck and enjoy the evening until you all need to take off.p. If anyone wants to come up the evening before I have a spare bedroom, no bed actually so more like a spare room. The deck is excellent camping and so are the sofas. You are all welcome, pets and all!! There is also the nearby (two minute drive) Strawberry Lodge. If any of you come the night before I know the neighbor kids would love to get together a game of Pathfinder. Once I get confirmation from you all I will be sending out character generation guidelines (this is going to be a 5th level adventure) and background information so we can dive immediately into game play on the 5th!!!

Raglans Retreat

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